Cuachalalate: What is It?
Known mainly for its healing properties, Cuachalalate (pronounced “kwah-cha-lah-lah-tay”) is a broad-leaved Mexican tree. The bark from the tree is the most utilized part, providing these healing properties. The name Cuachalalate comes from the Nahuatl Aztec language. Originally known as “Cuauchachalatli,” it later changed to Cuachalalate.

Where to find Cuachalalate
Cuachalalate typically grows between 100 and 1,700 meters above sea level throughout central and southern Mexico. It can grow anywhere from tropical jungles and rocky hillsides to deciduous forests. Because Cuachalalate grows in hot, dry conditions, it’s very resistant to drought. The average tree grows between 9 and 18 feet tall, with a thick grayish/brownish bark covering the trunk. The bark is exceptionally rich in tannins, which provide the tree’s therapeutic properties.

Cuachalalate Uses
This impressive herb has many medicinal uses, increasing and evolving over time. Cuachalalate’s first recorded use was healing wounded soldiers during the Mexican Revolution. In fact, in Mexico, the legend of the medical properties of Cuachalalate became so popular that unsustainable harvesting practices made the herb extinct in certain areas.

Suggested Cucachalalate uses include:

Digestive issues – Cuachalalate remedies issues like colitis, indigestion, and stomach complaints.

Circulatory issues – Cuachalalate detoxifies the blood, improving the oxygen flow around the body.

Dental issues – Cuachalalate’s antibacterial properties have been used for centuries to treat toothache, gingivitis, and cavities.

Infections – Cuachalalate is an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the activity of several different strains of microbes.

Inflammation – Cuachalalate resin contains several anti-inflammatory compounds in high doses.

Cancer – Cuachalalatte’s immune system boosting properties have inhibited the growth of cancerous tumors in some studies. Some cancer researchers consider Cuachalalate a promising treatment because it presents few adverse side effects.

How to Buy Cuachalalate
Cuachalalate is a diverse and powerful supplement that can help you achieve your health goals by boosting your immune system, aiding with digestive issues, and managing inflammation. God Garden’s Botanicals offers Cuachalalate in four forms: raw, powder, capsule, and tea. As with all GGBs’ premium wildcrafted herbs, powders, teas, and capsules, our Cuachalalate is of the highest quality, gathered directly from its natural habitat and unadulterated by chemicals.