Origin: Mexico

Botanical Family: Smilax

Common Names: Honduran sarsaparilla, Jamaican sarsaparilla, saparna, sarsa, khao yen

What parts of sarsaparilla are used?

The root of the plant is available as pills, tinctures, powdered roots and creams. You can also make a tasty tea from the chopped or powdered roots.

How do you identify sarsaparilla and where is it grown

Sarsaparilla is a tropical plant used in traditional medicine—especially in North America and Southeast Asia—to improve several conditions. To see this plant you need to look up—it is a vine that climbs and winds its way around deep in the canopy of the rainforest. It grows in the rainforests of South America, Mexico, Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Generally Prepared:

Sarsaparilla is prepared in beverages, teas, tinctures, tonics and syrups.

In tea form two tablespoons to 10-12 ounces of water are combined, then simmered for 15 minutes.

Usually Prepared With:

Sarsaparilla is often combined with Dandelion, Burdock and Yellow Dock roots among other herbs and spices.